Power Factor Correction KVAR Capacitors

Power Factor Correction KVAR Capacitors in India

Advance KVAR capacitors are specially developed for Power Factor correction in Industrial applications. These are available in Single-phase and three-phase with 250Vac and 440Vac voltage ratings.

Standards :

  • IS 13340 (Part-1): 2012
  • IEC 60831

Styles :

  • Aluminium Cylindrical can with Screw or Tag or Wire Terminals
  • Power Coated Metal Box with Bottom Side Clamp and Screw with Bush Terminals

Techncial Specifications :

KVAR Range 0.5 to 25
Rated Voltage 250Vac and 440Vac
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Capacitance Tolerance ±5% and ±10%
Phase Single or Three
Dielectric Metallised Polypropylene Film
Test Voltage T/T 2.15 Times the Rated AC Voltage
Test Voltage T/C 3kVAC
Operating Temperatarue -40°C to +85°C
Climatic Category 50/85/56
Number of Switching Operations 5000 Switching/Year as per IEC 60831

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