Motor Run Capacitors

Motor Run Capacitor

Electrical Characteristics

Capacitor Range 68 Mfd to 1500.00 Mfd
Capacitance Tolerance /- 5% and /- 10%
Rated Voltage 250V AC, 400V AC 440V AC & 600V AC
Dissipation Factor 0.001 Max. Typical Value 0.0005 at 1 KHz
Test Voltage 2X Rated Voltage
Storage Temp -40 Degree Celsius to 85 Degree Celsius
Healing Properties Self Healing
Insulation Resistance High

Motor run capacitors are mostly propylene film capacitors and are energized as long as the motor runs. To energize the secondary winding and magnetic field while the motor runs, a run capacitor is used in the single-phase AC electric motors. The primary duty of run capacitors is continuous rotation while the motor is powered.

  • The voltage classification of run capacitors is 370V or 440V.
  • An uneven magnetic field runs across the rotor if capacitance value is inappropriate.
  • This results in under load and irregular rotation which in turn affects the performance of the motor, energy consumption increases, noise generated will be more, and motor gets overheated.

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