Auto-Electric RFI Capacitors

Auto-Electric RFI Capacitors  in India

Advance Interference Suppression devices for Auto Electronics

Applications :

Used to eliminate Interference generated due to rapid voltage/current fluctuations in Alternator and Wiper motors

Standards : JSS 50204

Technical Specifications:

Capacitance 0.5µF to 2.2ufd, 2x1µF, 2x2.2µF, 3.3 µF
or as per customer specification
Rated Voltage 50Vdc to 250Vdc
Tolerance ±5%, ±10%, ±20%
Dielectric Metallised Polyester Film (Polyethylene Terepthalate)
Electrodes Vacuum Deposited Aluminium
Casing GF Nylon cans filled with epoxy resin
Terminals Lug, Clips, Wire - as per drawings
Temperature Range -55ºC to +125ºC
Dissipation factor(tan delta) <=0.008 (typical 0.006)
Climate Category 55/125/56
Test Voltage 1.6 times Rated Voltage for 60s.
Insulation Resistance (100V) >2272 MΩ

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