Radio Frequency Interference Filter

Radio frequency interference filter

Product Specification

Rated Voltage 200-250Vac 50/60Hz
Electrical: Coils Inductance +50%-30% (VDE 0565-03)
Capacitance Cx: ±20% (IEC 384-14 X2)
Capacitance Cy: ±20% (IEC 384-14 Y)
Dielectric Strength 2000Vac 50Hz for 1 minute (terminals to case) 1075Vdc for 1 minute (terminal to terminal)
Insulation Resistance Between terminals shorted and case Min.2000MΩ at 500Vdc
RFI range covers the spectrum from 150KHz to 300MHz

Radio frequency interference filter is a component designed to block the unwanted radio frequency noise while maintaining transparency to normal loop signaling and test voltages. RFI filter that acts as a drain provides a way to RF energy to flow from one line to another line without any network interface issues.

The Radio frequency interference filters are used in office equipment, communication equipment, instruments, medical instruments, SMPS, computer peripherals, thyristor drives, and defense equipment. The major parameters to be considered during the selection of a filter are rated voltage, rated current, rf noise spectrum, level of suppression, grounding arrangement and the leakage current.

Advance Capacitors that produces a variety of capacitors is very popular for manufacturing and supplying radio frequency interference filters that are largely used in communicational industries, electrical industries, and others.

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