Polypropylene AC & DC Voltage Power Capacitors

Polypropylene AC & DC Voltage Power Capacitors

Specifications (All measurements are made at 25°C):

Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C
Tan Delta < 0.001 at 1 kHz
Insulation Resistance 10,000 Mohm*µF
Test Voltage As per IS standards
Climatic Category 55/85/56
Tolerance ±5% , ±10%
Temperature Co-efficient -150 ppm / °C

Most of the industries applications are different, and usage of capacitors also varies to a greater extent. Polypropylene AC & DC voltage power capacitors are manufactured based on the type of application and industries requirements by considering a few aspects such as voltage and current that will be flowing through the circuit,installation of the circuit,the maximum and minimum currents and voltages that a circuit can handle,etc. Advance Capacitors is here to deliver the right product for industry needs.The twenty years of past is filled with quality deliverables and client satisfaction.

  • Manufactured in dry technology with high voltage rating.
  • No expensive bushings but have low inductance
  • The capacitor is enclosed in resin and is made of self-extinguishing plastic.
  • The internal thread is used to make the connections.
  • Capacitance loss is negligible with high pulse strength and a good ratio of capacitance to volume.
  • These capacitors have excellent self-healing properties.

Low inductance is the only aspect in polypropylene AC & DC voltage power capacitors that boosts the performance of the capacitors.

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