Polycarbonate Film Capacitors

Polycarbonate Film Capacitors

Product Specification

Cap Range 0.01 to 15
DC Volts up to 1000
AC Volts up to 350
Tolerance 10
Standard Minimum 1
IR min Megohms 20,000
TanDelta@1KHz 0.003
Stability Good
Cost/ CV High

Polycarbonate film capacitors are largely used for its high tolerance, typically ranging from -55°C to +125°C and it is believed to be one of the superior choices for a wide range of applications. Its insulation resistance and dissipation element are the reasons it is extensively produced. Polycarbonate film capacitors are constructed in the format of extended foil and are connected using the metalized electrodes that give sufficient size savings. Apart from this they also produce self-healing feature that removes short circuit faults by vaporizing the electrode in the applications and restores the capacitors life.

Overview of Polycarbonate Film Capacitors :

  • Due to its high-performance Polycarbonate film capacitor are widely used in various applications.
  • Generally, where the precision capacitors are required, i.e. less than 5% this capacitor is used.
  • They are usually used in electronic circuits but sometimes are used in switching power supplies, where more attention is required.

Advance Capacitors have been producing this polycarbonate film capacitors and have extensive distribution with a high level of requirement even today, though the alternatives have been introduced in the industry.

  • Filters
  • AC Applications
  • Storage
  • Integrating Circuits
  • Motor Run
  • Speed Control
  • High Voltage Snubber
  • Airborne Electronics
  • Timing And Precision Coupling and Decoupling

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