Oil Filled Capacitors

Oil Filled Capacitors manufacturers

Product Specification

1 to 20 µF capacitance
Voltage 10,000 to 100,000 VDC
800 to 1250 VRMS
240 to 2000 ARMS
300 to 2000 kVA
Up to 25 kHz

The Oil-filled capacitors are designed using two aluminum plates, which are separated by a thin plastic. Generally, the oil filled capacitor size is larger compared to the electrolytic capacitor, as the dielectric of this capacitor is much thicker than of electrolytic capacitor. The oil in the capacitor is used to cool down the capacitor and it is designed for continuous service.

Advance Capacitors with 30+ years of experience have mastered in the oil filled capacitors manufacturing technology, thus providing quality products and leak-proof designs that the industries and market requires.

  • High Level of Capacitance
  • Extended Life of Capacitors
  • No Leakage of Oil
  • Works with a Wide Range of Temperatures
  • Conserves Energy with Low Internal Power Usage

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