Motor Start Capacitor Manufacturers

Motor Start Capacitor Manufacturers

Product Specification

Capacitance (uF) 25 to 430 (uF)
Voltage (VAC) 125 to 330
Dimensions N/A
Tolerance +/-10%
Thermal class -10/+55°C

Motor start capacitors are manufactured for regular intermittent service on single-phase AC motor starting circuits. Generally, the motor start capacitor has a cage rotor and two windings on the stator known as main winding and auxiliary, which is placed at 90 degrees apart from each other and is connected to starting winding in series. Normally, these start capacitors have capacitance rating above 70uf and their voltage range from 125v to 330V.

Companies that are into this motor start capacitor manufacturing produce capacitors that are largely used in inverters, rectifiers, welders, generators, UPS, power supplies and extended range of electronic circuit applications.

Motor start capacitor manufactured by Advance Capacitors are highly used for developing starting torque, for smooth and noiseless operation and improving the power factor of motors.

  • AC Induction Motors
  • Power Supply
  • Power Tools
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Air Conditioners
  • Compressors.

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