Mica Capacitors Manufacturers

Mica Capacitors Manufacturers

Product Specification

Cap Range 10pf to 0.1
DC Volts up to 5000
AC Volts up to N/A
Tolerance 5
Standard Minimum 1
IR min Megohms 10,000
TanDelta@1KHz 0.02
Stability Excellent
Cost/ CV High

Mica capacitor is a collection of natural minerals that use mica as the dielectric. These capacitors are made of using mica sheets covered with metal on both sides. Mica capacitors manufacturer produces this capacitor in order to provide a device which requires high frequencies with no frequent change of value.

This capacitor’s layered structure makes its possible for the mica capacitors manufacturer to produce a thin sheets application that has high stability and reliability with small values.

Advance Capacitors - one of a leading mica capacitors manufacturer in Mysore, produces varieties of silver mica capacitors that are supplied all over the world including India, Central Africa, and South America.

  • Coupling and Decoupling
  • Resonant Circuits
  • Time Constant Circuits
  • High-Power RF Transmitters
  • Defense Electronic Devices
  • Low-Capacitance Snubber Applications
  • Radio or TV Transmitters
  • Cable TV Amplifiers
  • High Voltage Inverter Circuits
  • Highly Accurate
  • High Stability
  • Low Losses
  • Temperature Coefficient
  • Value Range
  • Low Capacitance Variation With Voltage

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