Metallised polyphenylene sulphide capacitors

Metallised polyphenylene sulphide capacitors

star Metallised polyphenylene sulphide capacitors production rate is multiplied every year at Advanced capacitors. It’s a client fulfillment and quality deliverables that have made us excellent manufacturers.

Product Specification

Temperature Range 55 C° C + 125°
Tan delta <=0.002 at 1 kHz
Insulation Resistance 5000 Mohm.mfd(second), 15,000 Mohm max.
Test Voltage 1.6 times rated Voltage for 2s
Climatic Category 55/125/56
Tolerance ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%

Metallised polyphenylene sulphide capacitors radiate superior electric characteristics at extreme temperatures. High Q-factor, mini size, IR and capacitance stability are qualifiable factors to be mounted on filter network and in low-loss high-frequency applications. Standard Tin overlaid copper-clad steel leads, and foil construction is featured in these capacitors. The latest developments since years by Advance Capacitors are a right angle turn in elevating our business.

Temperature Range 55°C + 125°C
Acceptance Criteria Measuring frequency for dissipation factor and capacitor can be 1000Hz for one mfd; 120 Hz
Life Test Can withstand rated voltage of 140% for 250 hours at +125°C
Dielectric Strength Withstands 200% at the voltage and 25°C for a period
Insulation Resistance Units will meet minimum values at rated voltage
Dissipation Factor Can’t exceed 0.3% at 25°C