Metallised Polyester Film Capacitors in India

Metallised Polyester Film Capacitors in India

Product Specification

All measurements are made at 20°C Capacitance and Tan Delta are measured at 1kHz.

Temperature Range 55°C + 125°C
Power Factor (Tan delta) <= 0.008 (Typical 0.006)
Insulation Resistance Capacitance <=0.33µF > 30000 MΩ*µF
Capacitance > 0.33µF > 10000 MΩ*µF second
Test Voltage 1.6 x rated dc voltage
Climatic Category 55/125/56
Voltage derating 1.5% per °C for use above 85 °C
Soldering 5 Seconds at 250 °C
Tolerance ±20%, ±10%, ±5%
Capacitance Range (µF) 0.001-22
Volts (Vdc) 63-1000

Advance Capacitors produces various capacitors to over 500 industries while becoming the best producer of metallised polyester film capacitors in India. Soon after the film manufacturing, the capacitor is metallised or left alone depending on the requirements and properties of the capacitor. Electrodes are inserted to function accordingly in the circuits. It’s not new to know the definition of a capacitor. In every electronic, automobile, and electric industry, a series of capacitors are integrated to store and discharge the electricity. A thin film acts as the dielectric in case of film capacitors.

  • Metallised film capacitors are small in size.
  • These can’t be mounted on the open circuit as they have low pulse rating
  • Capacitors are designed in various ways by combining higher pulse rating foil types and self-healing properties of metalized capacitors.
  • With low self-inductance, these capacitors are stable for a long time.

As a manufacturer of metallised polyester film capacitors in India, we have the vision to become a global company with our quality deliverables.


Meter Damping


Filter bypass

R-C Circuit


Input to high impedance circuit.

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