Induction Heater Capacitor

Induction Heater Capacitor suppliers

Product Specification

Power Range 200kvar to 10000kvar
Voltage Range 375V to 5000V
Frequency range 500 – 40.000 Hz
Ambient air temperature -20/+50°C
Capacitance tolerance -5 / +10 %

Induction heater capacitors constitute of three main parts, the tank circuit, working coil, and the power supply. The electromagnetic field that produces the heat is generated by working coil and the power supply produces the alternating current generating the operating frequency through tank circuit. Water-cooled plastic film and ceramic capacitors are generally used in induction heating equipment and are manufactured to have reduced internal losses and works with high-frequency circuits. With hundreds of kVA to few MVA ranges, fluid cooling capacitors can produce quite high range power.

Induction heater capacitors are an important product of the market for many manufacturers and Advance Capacitors being one of those capacitors manufacturer company aids in producing and marketing quality induction heater capacitors.

Induction heating is used in many industries in very large extension, as they naturally fit in for automated production lines. And, as its magnetic fields can spread through materials like glass and similar products it works in controlled environments. Industries such as automotive industry use induction heater capacitor for gear joints, brakes, drive trains and more. The bus/truck industry, sports/fitness industry, wind turbine industry, the aeronautics and aerospace industries, oil and mining industries and others use this induction heating capacitor for various purpose of production.

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