High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors

High voltage electrolytic capacitors

Product Specification

Operating Temperature Range -40 - +105°C
Rated Voltage Range 4 - 5-V
Rated Capacitance Range -20 - +20% at 120Hz, 20°C
Dissipation Factor at120 Hz, 20°C

The basic feature of any capacitors depends on voltage capability that defines the reliability of the component. Though the voltage capability may vary depending on the application of the capacitors, high voltage/current electrolytic capacitors usage aids in maintaining the several requirements of the industrial house.

Advance Capacitors high voltage/current electrolytic capacitors are produced to work on the basic principle of electrolysis and have enough energy storage capabilities. The electrolytic capacitors are widely used in TV, radio, computer, audio equipment, printer, scanner, washing machine, air-conditioner, communication equipment, industrial instruments, etc.

  • Coupling And Decoupling
  • Byass
  • Wave Filter
  • Filtering Circuit
  • Smoothing Circuit
  • Automatic Mounting
  • Disk Driver
  • Portable Micro Computer
  • Industrial Applications
  • Commercial Applications

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