High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Manufacturers

High voltage ceramic capacitors manufacturers

Product Specification

Cap Range 0.001 to 1
DC Volts up to 4000
AC Volts up to 400
Tolerance 20
Standard Minimum 5
IR min Megohms 100,000
TanDelta@1KHz 0.02
Stability Moderate
Cost/ CV Low

High voltage ceramic capacitors are made of resistive ceramic materials that act as a dielectric. These capacitors are constructed of multilayer ceramic and are bonded with metal contacts.

The high-frequency performances of this capacitor producing high voltage have made this capacitor the choice of engineers and industry. High voltage ceramic capacitors manufacturers producing industry required capacitance and voltage values in a variety of sizes, temperature ratings and form factors have increased the demand for these capacitors.

Advance Capacitors, known for its on-time quality products distribution also manufacture this High voltage ceramic capacitors that are produced and supplied to the industries such as power supplies, automotive industry, medical(test/diagnostic), aerospace, military, semiconductors, and telecommunications industry.

  • High Voltage Laser Power Supplies
  • Transmitter Stations
  • Converters
  • Power Circuit Breakers
  • Induction Furnaces
  • High-Density Applications
  • Printed Circuit Boards

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