High Voltage AC/DC Capacitor

High Voltage AC | DC Capacitor

Product Specification

Capacitance Range 0.25 µF to 80 µF
Capacitance Tolerance ±3% to ±10%
AC Voltage Range 660 VAC to 1,200 VAC*
DC Voltage Range 1,200 VDC to 2.000 VDC
Operating Temperature -40°C to +90°C
Dissipation Factor 0.1% max.@ 60 Hz and 25°C
Insulation Resistance >1,000 MO x µF
Withstand Voltage Terminal to terminal 1.75 x WVAC; terminal to case 2.0 WVAC + 1 kVAC
Capacitance Stability ±3% throughout life
Insulated Bushings High cup standard over 1,000 VAC (1,750 VDC)
Approval Recognition UL, cUL

Generally, high voltage AC/DC capacitors are manufactured and used under oil for shaping and peaking in large power systems. These capacitors are manufactured using foil electrode windings connected in series. The materials used and their arrangements are given more important to avoid internal issues.

Choosing the best configuration minimizes the cost and the selection of correct size depending on your application prevents in damages. And, we at Advance Capacitors believe in providing the proper capacitors to our clients based on their application and requirement. We provide many reference designs that will help in choosing the suitable product for your application.

  • Switching Power Supply
  • Inverters and Converters
  • Heavy Duty Motor Run
  • High Current Lighting
  • UPD Systems

Advantages of High Voltage AC/DC Capacitors

  • It has a wide range of uses such as energy storage, filtering, spark suppression, bypass, and coupling applications
  • They are dry type capacitors, so there is no leakage
  • They are available in many sizes, hence fitment in any position is possible.

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