High Current And High Voltage Capacitors

High current and high voltage capacitors

Electrical Specification

Capacitance 0.01mfd to 10mfd
Rated voltage 600 VDC to 40000VDC
Temperature Range -55°C to +85°C
Tolerance ±10% standard
Case Box , Mild steel plate
Finish Plated or Powder coated
Terminals Brass terminals

Mounted on the power transformer and other high applications,high current and high voltage capacitors with less resistance on the board meet the performance criteria without any lack. At the time of shocks occurring in a power station, a capacitor of high current and high voltage capacitorstakes in the voltage from thunders and transfers to the ground so that the power station remains safe. With an increase in voltage, current also increases, so capacitors are designed to function at increasing voltages and currents.

  • Output rating and voltage can be matched to the requirements
  • Element fuses for high operating reliability
  • Plant design is flexible with a special rack design
  • Unbalancing protection.

High current and high voltage capacitors from Advance Capacitors are reaching most of the power industries, and we have received great appreciations from our clients which proves the essence of us to survive and serve other industries with value.

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