Dry & Partially Oil Impregnated Film Capacitors

Dry & Partially Oil Impregnated Film Capacitors

General Specifications

Capacitor Type Dry-Film
OD 1 3⁄8 in
Capacitance 14 uF
For Use With 35W HPS Reactor
Applications Instrumentation Meter Damping Communications Filter, Bypass R-C Circuits Computers, Switching Input to High Impedance Circuits Replacement for Paper Capacitors

The circuits which needed high reliability will have dry & partially oil impregnated film capacitors. These are dual-voltage or AC-voltage capacitors. Oil filled capacitors are widely used where high-current, high-voltages, and long operating life is required. Operating for over 30 years, Advance capacitors has the aim of producing high-quality, long-functioning capacitors. The industries we serve include automotive, defense, telecommunication, and power electronics. Our advanced facilities have made us an ISO 9000:2008 certified by Det Norse Veritas for testing, marketing, design, and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Storing Energy
  • Filtration of high voltage
  • Continuous motor run
  • Start of motor
  • Commutating
  • High-voltage lighting
  • Arc suppression
  • Industrial heating systems
  • High-intensity discharge lighting
  • High-voltage lighting ballasts
  • Power suppliers

In all the voltage reversal applications, oil-filled capacitors are used.Few dry & partially oil impregnated film capacitors are connected to terminals with a resistor.