Best Metallised Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Best metallised polypropylene film capacitors

Product Specification

Temperature Range -55 C°C to +100°
Tan Delta (C < 1uf) 0.0005 at 1 KHz
Insulation Resistance 30,000 MΩ*µF
at 100 V DC 60,000 MΩ max.
Test Voltage 1.6 times rated DC Voltage
Climatic Category 55/100/56
Voltage derating 1.5% per C above 85°C
Tolerance ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%
Pulse Rise Time 5 to 25 V/microsecond
Stability < 0.5% over 2 Years

The best metallised polypropylene film capacitors are produced by examining the industry needs, quality factors, the area of application, embedding desired characteristics, and ensuring every element placed perfectly. However, many industries have evolved in manufacturing small yet useful capacitors, but Advance Capacitors delivers quality-driven products which are an outcome for having a huge client-base.

  • Applied where a high degree of tolerance is required.
  • With time and voltage,Polypropylene capacitors exhibit less capacitance change through which stability is attained.
  • These capacitors have low ESR and inductance.
  • These are available as lead components.
  • The capacitance range varies from 100pF to 10nF.
  • PP Capacitors can withstand high voltages. The operating voltages 630V, 1kV, and 100V versions are used commonly.

Consistently, we are producing high levels of product quality to over 500 clients. Our consistency has made us a manufacturer of best metallised polypropylene film capacitors.

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