AC/DC Filter Capacitors

AC | DC filter capacitors

Product Specification (All measurements are made at 25°C)

Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C
Tan Delta < 0.001 at 1 kHz
Insulation Resistance 10,000 Mohm*µF
Test Voltage As per IS standards
Climatic Category 55/85/56
Tolerance ±5%, ±10%
Temperature Co-efficient -150 ppm/ °C

AC/DC filter capacitors are very common today in the field of power electronics. It uses dry film technology, combining the power annular form factor. Its self-healing process and special metalized designs provide low stray inductance with high-reliability quality. These capacitors are built-in AI cylindrical case filled with nontoxic soft adhesive products that assure safe operation and proper disconnection at extreme conditions such as high temperature or overloading.

Advance Capacitors are designed on the basis of this AC/DC filter capacitors that furnishes low loss of film and produces high AC current capability. Using the new technology, we also ensure that our AC/DC filter capacitors as low ESL and ESR values with high frequencies, which are the main reasons to use these capacitors.

  • Motor Start/Run Fan Motors
  • Air Conditioners Fluorescent Lighting
  • Power Factor Correction Elements for Power Factor Capacitors
  • Power Electronics LC Filtering of Harmonics
  • Ferro Resonant Supplies Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • Constant Voltage Supplies Energy Storage
  • Increased Capacitor Life
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Dependability
  • Reduces The Risk of Collateral Damage
  • Self-Healing Capabilities
  • Eliminates Damages Due to Leakage, Using Completely Dry Film Technology

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